November 11, 2009

Jennifer Love Hewitt Trying to Prove Something

My parents never let me watch 90210, Party of Five or any of those type of shows in junior high. So I never got the whole Jennifer Love Hewitt craze that all the prepubescent boys my age had. But here’s Jennifer Love trying to prove to us grown ups now that she still got it by being a stripper on her show about ghosts on prime time.

I’m not sure what strippers got to do with talking to ghosts but I like friendly ghosts like Casper. And if they're busy being slutty due to their insecurities then being angry and haunting me in my sleep then that’s a bonus.

One thing I learned about strippers is that they might look hot on stage but look completely different off stage. Seeing previous photos of Jennifer Love and her weight issues unless she’s willing to strip naked we ain’t getting fooled by that junk in the trunk in disguise. This girl's a trickster!

Btw the sponsored contest from LuShae is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. Winner will be announced in the next post.