November 26, 2009

The Pussycat Dolls Are Over

The problem with being a skank to get attention is that it only lasts so long before people stop to care.

The Pussycat Dolls’ latest CD, "Doll Domination", received disappointing sales of only selling 200,000 US copies in its first 12 weeks compare to their debut album “PCD” that sold 7 million copies.

Things aren’t looking good for PCD. As of late, Nicole Sherssdfsdfsd wants to be the next Beyonce and have her own music career. According to NY Post:

"It is war. They have broken up for good. None of the other girls are speaking to Nicole, who they believe took the limelight, then went off to do her own thing."

Since when did Nicole take the limelight from the other girls? It has always been about Nicole and the b*tches as she sings all the solos. When is Nicole not at the centre for pictures?

There’s an easy way to take the limelight off Nicole. All the rest of the girls need to do is sign a contract with Vivid Entertainment and make a movie calling it “The Pussycat’s Dolls” or “When I Hoe Up” or “F*ckwitu” or "I Ate This Part".

"Ugh WTF Pop, you got a sick sick mind!" yeah yeah I know. I should really go into Public Relations.