November 19, 2009

Sizzling Champagne: Ashley Greene

To celebrate Twilight's New Moon opening this weekend here are some pictures of Ashley Greene at the Tim Burton tribute at the Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit. Doesn't she look so elegant? God damn my obsession of how gorgeous this girl is has begun.

Twilight really doesn’t do her justice but the movie is suppose to be about Edward Cullen, a decade old hot ass vampire loving Bella Swan, a mediocre looking high school chick for her “inner beauty” and not her looks.

Edward also stalks Bella around and watches her while she sleeps, but in a romantic way and he’s hot in the movie so I suppose it's acceptable in Champagne’s books.

What does a 300 year old vampire see in a 16 year old girl anyways? And really if you and your hubby are vampires doesn’t having sex with the same person for 300 years bore you both out of your minds? Most couples get bored/stop having sex when they’re 45, let along doing it for 300 years…

I think I’m thinking too much about the movie.