November 13, 2009

Sizzling Champagne: Leighton Meester

Here’s my damage control after posting those awful pictures of Jennifer Garner. So here are some hot lingerie pics of Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester. She is one of one of my current favourite piece of meat, and I’m awfully curious on what this “toe” thing that she’s so good at in her porn movie.

See, when you blog about celebrities you can go look up nude/scandalous pictures and porn movies on your computer for “blogging purposes”. You guys out there outta learn a thing or two from me. These pics prove that GQ mag photos > Maxim mag photos.

If you haven't seen her steamy music video for "Somebody To Love", click here to view it. Oh Blair Waldorf you sexy little slut!!

Ms.Champagne loves these pics and the music video but Anthony hates it because there's such a thing as "too slutty" in the guy world apparently. What do you think??

Winner for LuShae Jewelry's Contest

I know I promised to announce the winner of LuShae’s Jewelry contest on the last post but I forgot. But here it is. The winner is…

Noble Beeyotch from

Congrats girl! Please e-mail me at with your shipping address asap :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. ? the first attempt on commenting failed... :S

    anyway, love blair, but the first pic is kinda too slutty, haven't seen the vid though, but I also have noticed guys don't like the girls being too slutty!


  2. first pic slutty....others I kinda like it....but i love leighton....

  3. i don't think it's too slutty at all lol or maybe i've just been exposed to way more sluttyness!

    but i think her pics are just the right amount of slut without too much trash? make sense?

  4. No I don't think it's too slutty....I've seen a lot of things as most of us have! LOL. I think esp the last three pictures are done tastefully.

  5. I LOVE Leighton Meester! I think she is gorgeous and those pics are hot. I'd totally go les for her haha ;-)

    Am I the only one who has been a little disappointed with GG this season??? Hilary Duff isn't making it any better. Get her off there!!!!! And I was NOT impressed with the threesome thing... I was like, "meh.."

  6. Lol when I think of her I think of someone innocent and sweet but I've only seen pix of her, never watched gossip girls or anything XP I don't think it's too slutty, I love smut like this. Har har. Foot fetish! Lol

  7. Sexy,sexy , not slutty.
    I like here make up,she had the perfect red lips.

    Oh,I miss my man.

    Have a nice Friday 13 and weekend my friend!

  8. She is so gorgeous.
    I agree with Anthony about there being such a thing as too slutty...LOL totes unusual for a guy to say that though. Sexy is good when it's not trashy.
    Happy weekend, J!

  9. she is a slut ! (thats what i call people that i envy !)
    i love her naughty and bad girl look,she doesnt look pretty when she smile !these are all sexy tho she has no boobs !loll
    btw thanks,im no flawless,well that means i pick all great foundation !!loll

  10. i love her! well, actually i love Blair Waldorf :D
    i think those pics are not really slutty, well except the first one. haha

  11. OMG, she looks great!!! you made me laugh on the "current favourite piece of meat".

    i don't think it's slutty, it's art. hehe...

  12. Leighton has a sex tape out? Everyone seems to have one hahaha... How about Blake Lively?

  13. The first photo is a bit much, but the others are tasteful and sexy! Her singing is pretty nonexistent, I'd have to say I'm not a fan of the video either, but I don't think it's too slutty!

  14. i dun know, she isn't really sex bomb material... doesn't have that megan fox sexiness to her.. but i love her acting!

  15. These VOV masks used to be available on For some reason, I couldn't find them when I did a quick search a few minutes ago =[

  16. I looooove Leighton! She's a different kind of sexy, but I really admire her totally-in-control bad-girl attitude that really comes out in these pictures and in her video. Plus, it helps that she has a similar body type as I do. =)

  17. she is super hot!! i don't think she is slutty!! guys here would go crazy when they clap their eyes on her :)

  18. Not a total fan of the first one, but GQ is geared towards men soo...
    I love Leighton, and eh who cares about a sex tape. I love her song!

  19. She's very pretty @.@ and the pics are so nicely taken (it helps that she's super gorgeous and sexy) lolz... I think guys tolerate level for slutty-ness is supposed to be higher than girls'?? hahaha...

  20. I love Leighton. She is so beautiful. I've got such a big crush on her. These photos are incredibly sexy. I love them. I also love her new song and video. Hope you've been having a great weekend. Cheers!

  21. leighton is amazing! im obsessed with her new video...her and robin thicke are so sexy! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog Follow mine as I will yours xo

  22. hm.. I never knew that there ever was a "too slutty" category with guys :P

    Congratulations on the win Noble Beeyotch!

  23. Wow! I didn't know this side of Leighton! XD

    Hmm...I'm very curious of what she did with her foot too...Hmmm?

  24. I definitely think she's more sexy than slutty. I think Blake Lively would be more likely to fall in that category, because she does wear a lot of overly tight and short dresses while exposing way too much cleavage. Leighton isn't actually revealing that much in these pics, it's just her poses (also in her video). Of course now I'm dying to know what she can do with her toes though... ;-)

  25. I don't think she's slutty at all! She doesn't really wear very many "slutty" clothes on a regular basis, and these pictures aren't even that revealing! I mean, she still has clothes on compared to other celebs :P

    ahhhh... she makes me want to go out and buy lingerie! haha!

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