December 11, 2009

Champagne Review: B-Liv by Cellnique Skin Care & Giveaway

B-Liv by Cellnique kindly sent me some samples of their product to try it out and I’m fortunate enough that some of their stuff actually helped me improve my skin texture- So here's my honest review.

Glow And Shine
Price: $25 US
Size: 50 ml
Main Functions: exfoliating + pores reducing + brightening

Verdict: Glow and Shine gives me a tingling sensation when I applied it on my face. I’ve used it a few times with combination of other Bliv products and I can feel that my skin texture slightly improved. It did slightly reduce the redness of my pimple scar on my cheek. It's pretty good and for the price I'd buy it again :)

Shrink and Tighten
Price: $49 US
Size: 30 ml
Main Functions: pore reducing + barrier repairing

Verdict: I only apply this on where my enlarge pores are on my cheeks as this texture is very liquidy and somewhat oily to begin with. I'm not a fan of that oily feel even if it's only until it dries. But when the substance dries on my face it feels like a matte protective layer.

As for the pore reducing, I did find that some of my smaller pores are less noticeable- larger pores? not as much. But perhaps it's cuz my "larger pores" has turned into a scar already. I wouldn’t say that this is some miracle serum but it seems to be good preventative serum to prevent your pores from going bigger.

Oil Leviate
Price: $35 US
Size: 30 ml
Main Functions: oil Control + mattifying + hydrating

Verdict: This stuff is great. If there’s one thing that I will buy from B-Liv is this. I wear this as my morning cream and my face doesn’t feel as oily as before. I find myself using less blotting tissues throughout the day.

You may think that 30 ml for $35 US might be steep but this stuff lasts FOREVER. A little bit can cover your entire forehead. I've been using it for close to 3 weeks and mearly made a dent in the bottle.

Squeaky Clean
Price: $25 US
Size: 120 ml
Main Functions: cleanse + exfoliate + oil control

Verdict: This product made my skin feel refreshingly dry so it definitely served its oil control duty... But it doesn’t seem to be anything amazing out of other cleaners I've used though. For the price I'd say eeehhhh unless there's a deal going on.

Leach Me
Price: $28
Size: 6 pcs
Main Functions: deep moisturizing + brightening + age preventing

Verdict: This mask is amazing. I never felt so great after a sheet mask. It immediately made my pimple blemish lighter and stayed lighter. The mask is drenched with goodies when you initially remove it from the package.

The product works but it is quite expensive so I'm waiting for it to go on a special to buy a few... Or I could just marry rich and my husband can buy them for me. HAHA.

Off With Those Heads
Price: $49
Size: 30ml
Main functions: clear blackheads + whiteheads

Verdict: it slightly reduced my blackheads on my nose and as for whiteheads I don’t know because I don’t have any... I'm more of an oily skin/pimple prone person lol. Again a little bit of this stuff covers a large surface area so don’t let the price fool you.

I personally don't have a huge blackhead issue so I'm not sure how this product would serve with person in with a more severe blackhead case.

Overall I am quite impressed with their stuff. There is a promotion of free shipping anywhere going on plus some products are buy 1 get 1 free so go check out their site!


B-Liv is sponcering a giveaway on Pop Champagne with some samples of “Off With Those Heads” to the first 50 people until December 17th that do the following:

- Email your mailing address to
- ... With subject heading of “” then ask for the "Off With Those Heads" sample.

It’s that simple!