December 28, 2009

Lookbook: Finding Prince Charming is Not Easy

Greetings! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and I am back to Victoria from Vancouver city.

I thought I’d share a set of photos that I took with my friend Eric when I was in Van. I have worked with Eric numerous times now that we both know what to expect of each other. I love Eric because not only he's chill, but he lets me call some shots and lets me edit my own photos. As I have mentioned before that is my fav part :) Oh and he's also a superb photographer!

The quality of these photos are definitely 10x better than ones I take at home. The image is a lot sharper and shows more detail. Not to mention the portrait mode also has the ability to blur the background a little. That's the major difference between my $150 point and shoot and his $2000 SLR. heh.

Photos taken by Eric Lee
Make up, illustration and modeled by Pop Champagne
Captions from song "Movies" by Alien Ant Farm

I also asked Ken & Eric to take some backstage photos just for my blog. I figured, they're always fun and satisfy the curiosity in us. Plus you can see what goes behind making it all happen.

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed this series and 'till next time :)