December 6, 2009

Make Up: Peacock Inspired

This post is for MakeupJUNKEE’s Peacock Contest. I recently made a huge purchase from Cherry Culture and I have a peacock hairclip lying around so I thought why not!

But I got some naggage on spending too much money on stuff I "Don't Need" such as 10+ different shades of lipstick...

Technically I don’t need a lot of things. I don’t need color contact lenses, I don’t need 20+ pairs of shoes, in fact, I don’t need make up, I don’t need TV, I don’t even need to shower everyday. I won’t die if I don’t have/do those things.

I don’t need to look good, no matter how unattractive a girl is there will be some guy out there would still love to tap that sh*t. Can you say Jerry Springer?

But I do want these things. Because I know I can look better if I take care of myself and make a better impression to the people around me. So really, I’m just being the best that I can be ;)

If you want to know what I bought below is a pic of my Cherry Culture purchase. For the look above, I used the Amuse Eyeshadow Palette and the NYX ultra pearl loose eyeshadow for the eyes. NYX "Pink" blush for the cheeks and oh I must say that NYX volume mascara is AMAZING. I threw out my cover girl XXL right after I use the NYX hah!

P.S I'm behind on everyone's blog again, but I promise that I will catch up!