December 23, 2009

Eliza Dushku's Sex Hair Hotness

It’s too bad that Eliza Dushku’s (also played “Faith” on Buffy The Vampire Slayer eons ago) newest TV show “Dollhouse” got canned by FOX. But then again, I don’t know anyone who watched it in the first place. So here's her celebrating by modeling for the latest Ocean Magazine issue.

Oh well. Some actresses are just meant to look bangable while others aim for the Oscars I guess. Pop Champagne will take the bangable, I mean, “less ambitious” ones. Let’s be politically correct here.

In fact, as long as these less ambitious actresses keep on looking hot they will appear on this site. They don’t need their own TV show to get my attention.

I’m that simple.

For the next few days I will be pretty busy, since it’s Christmas and all. So if I don’t post again before Christmas… have a Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. great post.


  2. I lost interest in Eliza Dushku after Bring it On.

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. i don't remember her, i watched Buffy like ages ago..
    Yeah, i'm not regretting on starting blog too, except the damage on my wallet though :D. i love all the blogger i've made friend with~
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. Happy holidays and hope you pop some champaigne :)

    Enjoy your days now, I'm sure there's many people who want to be around you, you're so likeable and kind. Your readers will understand that :)

  5. You keep reminding me of all these washed up stars from ten years ago. LOL! ;)
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  6. I honestly don't like eliza dushku but she really looks beautiful on these pics...

    and I haven't tried those skinfood stuff yet...but I'll tell you if it works on me or not..

    BTW, what's your favorite sheet mask????

    and Merry Christmas to you!!

  7. eliza is "bangable" lol but yeah, i don't think anyone watched that show at all so i'm not surprised that it got cancelled.

    have a good christmas as well!

  8. I remember her from Buffy ages ago and thought she was pretty cool. She looks great in those pics!! Definitely "bangable" LOL.
    I have a blog now so have a visit if you have time.
    Merry Christmas Julie!!!! =)

  9. I think everything she's in gets canceled... They call people like her "Show Killers"... Which is unfortunate, because she is good looking and that terrible of an actress...

    btw, I like your headband!!! So look so glam...special night out?

  10. Happy Holidays!!! Glad you got my package right in time before you left.

    Eliza Dushkus is pretty hot and she's really good at playing those evil bad girl roles! kinda sad that they canned dollhouse

  11. I love Dollhouse! Then again, I'm willing to give any Joss Whedon does a chance. I have to admit, the first season wasn't that great but season 2 is def worth it. Since you're a Buffy fan, give it a chance! I seriously love season 2 & I'm sad it's cancelled.

    Aaaanyways, I'm back! Sorta! :P Hope all is well, girl. It's been a while!

  12. she looks good!

    merry christmas!!!

  13. She looks good, and yes that does count too. Never watched the show, but it never appealed to me anyway.

    Merry christmas julie, enjoy!


  14. awww she looks gorgeous!
    miss u julie!be back soon!hehe

  15. Aww That's such a cute photo!! Happy Holidays love!! <3<3

  16. I am Eliza Dushku's biggest fan seriously and I love Dollhouse and I loved her in Buffy and her old show True Calling. She's the prettiest ever! If you watch Dollhouse in the beginning it is kick ass!

  17. Merry Christmas to U too :) I think u look very pretty in that last pic :)

  18. Aww I love this blogging community too! So many warm-hearted people. :)
    Nice goodies you got there, enjoy the masks!! :D

  19. Merry early christmas! =] I can't wait to try out some sheet masks xD Hope you have a happy holiday =]

  20. You and Anthony are so cute together!
    Hope you're having the best time with the family! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and I hope you get that camera!!!

  21. Aw, you two look adorable. :) Eliza, Eliza...can't say I've seen her work. Just pics. Hmmm...kinda all makes sense now hahaha!

    P.S You sure about your hair? B/c I don't see it. Looks perfectly fine to me dah-ling!


  23. She is gorgeous, as are you!

    Merry Christmas, darling!


  24. merry christmas, to both you and Anthony :D
    have an amazing time darling *hugs*

  25. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great time and you guys look adorable in the last pic! Eliza looks hot in those pics, but I only got through one episode of Dollhouse (which already took a lot of effort)... I'm surprised it took them this long to get rid of the show...

  26. yaaaaay im glad u got it already!!! I was scared that USPS might hold it or something since its liquid and I think you're not really suppose to ship liquids with them, you have to do it with UPS or fedex or something. but at least you got it! woot!

  27. Merry Christmas gen! :)
    Thanks for always making me laugh :)

    You look gorgeous btw :)

  28. merry christmas hun~~ hope santa is good to you^^ xx

  29. You and the boy look so cute together!


  30. some girls get roles because they look bangable but they cannot act! :P I guess that will include paris hilton! haha xD

    Bloggers are sweet but some of them are totally blogging for the wrong reasons! Oh well, whateverrr :P I was going to send you something for christmas as a gift but I ran out of money so I will probably send you something near the end of january or whenever I can remember! ^_^ I will let you know and confirm the mailing address when I send it out <3

    BTW, you two look so adorable :)