December 8, 2009

JoJo Was Once Famous

Once upon a time, JoJo was famous for having a smoking jailbait body. Oh and she sang too or something. Then we didn’t see her for a while and now here’s JoJo performing at Timbaland’s album release party.

It's really too bad that JoJo is definitely not as "fit" as before. I really thought she was cute and had the potential to be the next Mandy Moore. Though the fun of performing beside Timbaland is that he makes everyone look thin. And if we put JoJo beside Kelly Clarkson she’d be looking like she’s anorexic so it's all good.

Hey hey I ain't judging I'm just saying it’s like walking through a set of those concave and convex mirrors in Science World. One minute you're short and fat and the next you're thin and 6 feet tall. It's just simple science.

If you still don't know who JoJo is here's her infamous song.