December 17, 2009

Photoshop Award: Madonna's D&G Ad & Giveaway Winner for

I apologize for the M.I.A. Last night I just got to the west coast after 6 hour of flights + 4 hours at various airports. I was pretty damn grouchy after 3 transfers and a random stop in Kelowna! But I will catch up soon.

It’s been a long time since I blogged about Madonna but that is only because Pop Champagne is dedicated to hotties and train wrecks. But here’s Madonna strutting her 90 year old va-jay-jay sexyness for Dolce & Gabbana.

The good thing about this ad compare to Vadge’s Louis Vuitton is that she finially has her legs closed but to compensate she’s trying to give us a little oral while thinking of her own baby Jesus.

So this is what really happened at the D&G’s factory:

It took dozens of airbrush artists and countless hours making Vadge’s skin like a baby’s bottom. Vadge was standing over them the entire time with a whip yelling "it’s still NOT good enough".

Eventually the photoshopers gave up and turned the pictures to black and white.

Celebrity head shots were mainly in B&W back in the days when cameras were still film which leads to little or no photo manipulation since B&W takes away the wrinkles and make you look younger.

Don't believe me? Here’s something I slap together from a shoot I did back in May.

I call the right picture above my "jailbait face".

------------------------------------------------------------- Giveaway Winner

I know it took me a while to announce the winner for the giveway - lovely choice of up to $50 piece of sexyness! And the winner is…

CHRISTINA from BarbieLuvsMAC

Congrats love!


  1. TFS!! Also - b/w make blurry pictures not so blurry lookin'.

    Congrats Christina!!!

  2. omg yay!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my boyfriends being a dick so he wont be seeing this but all the cuties at the club in lingre night will LOL

  3. ps i cant find your email on your page so if you have a chance can you send it to me or email me at

  4. Madonna's super buff for age, and shame on her for wanting to look artificial! I totally agree with black and white! Most of time I use b/w mode is when I don't wear makeup at all cause you can't tell, lol.

    Congrats to the winner and I already sent you an invoice!<3

  5. you read Dlisted? Your writing sometimes reminds me of Michael K's. XD

    I know, her ads and face are issue but I still love that bitch.

  6. whoa, really? i should try to make my photos in B&W too! LOL

    thanks for your comment! i've never thought of that before, now that i think about it, it does sound cool! :D

  7. Love the ad! She's still fab! WOw!!!

  8. I'm so glad you got my package before you left for your trip! I hope you like everything and put the mask more to use than me :)

    Madonna looks sexy in her photos but it also makes me hungry! She looks like she can cook a good meal hehe

  9. I really love italian...


  10. Aw so true, I do like this ad, looks nice. But Madonna doesn't quite look like she usually does, or is it just me? Not sure if I'm a fan just yet.

  11. Ew, every time I see pictures of her and I see her HANDS, I cringe :S she looks.. different for some reason ?

  12. a stop in kelowna?? wth, why?!?!!?!? hahaha! and madonna *cringe* i dont wanna think about her wrinkled vajayjay or her wrinkled anything for that matter. haha! but yes, photoshop does wonders :)

  13. seriously tahts what happen in the photoshoot?or u were being sarcastic?hehhee
    LOL@ submitting ur paycheck to sasa
    sure will take pict later

  14. lol. I love black and white photos. (>_<)

    Congrats to Christina!!

  15. Even if it's the black and white, she still looks good for her age! Or maybe it is just the black and white and photoshopping... haha
    I'll have to keep this in mind when I'm 75, and camera whoring.

  16. LOL. jailbait face? I love it!!!

  17. Haha you have an awesome sense of humor =P and thanks for your comment =]


    By the looks of that picture and D&G's pictures... you know she had a serious case of airbrush 101 done.


  19. dud she looks crazy young in these photos lol. She doesnt even look like her ha!

    by thw way, you make me laugh ^_^

  20. oh my gosh madonna is pretty. i'm jealous

  21. the post about "vadge" (LOL) cracked me up. haha... yup, i can totally imagine her standing over everyone's shoulder with a whip for not photoshopping her image enough. i have to admit though, she still looks great at 90...i mean 51. lol. i do agree with you though. b&w really does hide a lot of flaws. especially signs of old age. hehe... from your pics though, you don't have any age to hide. :)

  22. hehe i willlll!
    and yeah its a killer weekend im wicked broke but i tend to
    have deeper appreciation now for the things i have hahahahahah

    woe i couldnt believe that was madonna..... woe

  23. Yeah, photoshop definitely made these ads possible. LOL. Nobody at 50-something can look that young naturally, or even with plastic surgery. :P
    Congrats to the lingerie winner!

  24. Love that pic of you, especially the B&W!

    And congrats to the winner!


  25. I was once a big Madonna fan. Her last few albums have sounded like crap to me. Plus she's looking a bit rough these days.

    Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  26. hmm, photoshopping celebs suddenly made me think of lindsay lohan ._. wonder about the wonders they do to her photos.

  27. I didn't know that black and white photos camouflages so many imperfections!

  28. Madonna looks way too flawless for her age.. I guess she can afford all that work to her face and photoshop + B&W is the recipe for perfection. good for her !

  29. Wow I was wondering what Madonna is up to these days! Yup I know what you mean about using black and white for photos.. I'm tempted sometimes to just edit my photos b/w because it looks better but at the same time it's not necessary to hide every little spot. Who's going to pick at them except me? (hopefully no one haha) Limited editions are definitely marketing scams, and sadly they work b/c the MAC lipsticks are now selling for 40-60 on ebay!

  30. i love black and white photos as well ! to me, the photo looks more seductive/mysterious/and yes. YOUNGER ! hahaha . \

    you'r looking pretty as always darl !

    thanks for sharing this with us !

    visit my blog + comment + follow !
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com

  31. it's okay, madonna looks good for an old lady! LOL, better than sarah jessica parker's hands.. oh my, now those look scary! ><