December 19, 2009

Tara Reid in Playboy & Giveaway from Skin MD

Hollywood airbrushers are working overtime this month. Here’s some pictures of Tara Reid topless in the upcoming Playboy issue. Welcome to every boy’s wet dream in 1997.

In my world Tara is by far the hottest now-irrelevant person and I don’t care what anyone else say or even after seeing her pepperoni nipples. I always thought she has a hot face. But by taking off her top it seems she finally figured out how to stay relevant- it only took her 10 years. I always knew my girl would make a comeback!!

Click here to see actual naked photos. It's okay no one is judging you as no one would get arouse with topless Tara Reid. We’re all just curious of what photoshopers can do with her nipples. No?

I thought about posting them here on Pop Champagne but then I don't want angry feminists who spell “women” as “womyn” with a giant hamster down their south as a sign of “freedom” or something writing me hate mails.

Though I doubt they read my blog anyways. Infact though I write about t*ts and ass all the time my blog still seems to channel itself to mainly pretty and cute heterosexual women. Funny how that works out.

Giveaway From Skin MD

As you probably have read from the ever so adorable Amynaree (check out her wonderful blog btw) about her Skin MD Natural review & giveaway, I also have the opportunity to share a giveaway sponsored by Skin MD.

Unlike most other lotions that just add moisture to the skin which can quickly become ineffective at keeping your skin smooth, Skin MD's lotion works with the skin to moisturize and heal. All their lotion products are also all-natural and it is hypoallergenic, it works well for all types of skin.

The prize kit contains a 4 oz bottle of Skin MD Natural along with several samples of regular Skin MD and their SPF15 version. Not bad for this dry winter!

Everyone anywhere is elligible as long as they're a follower of Pop Champagne. Giveaway ends on December 30th, 2009. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment saying "Lotion Me" in this post.

Good luck!