December 9, 2009

Thank You & Mariah Carey's New Song


Holy I reached 500 followers!? Wow. Thanks to everyone who has supported Pop Champagne and put up with my random ramblings, weird obsessions, incoherent fascinations and my twisted sense of humour.

Thanks a bunch! Stay tuned for the most simple Sponsored Giveaway from B-Liv by Cellnique ever in the next post! Hint: 50 people will get something :D

Life is too short to be serious all the time.


If you’re a Mariah Carey fan like me here’s her latest music video for her song "H.A.T.E.U." which is a pretty standard MC song that consists of her singing both as a wimpy mother beluga and nails on the chalkboard but hey it works for her!! If you like her other songs you’ll most likely like this one as well.

The producers definitely pulled a Kelly Clarkson here by shooting more than half of the video of Mariah from waist up. As for the video itself, it’s obvious that when you suffer from a break up that you put on a sexy swim suit, do your hair and prance around beach.

That’s what I do anyways. It’s the second fastest way to get a rebound as everyone knows that the most efficient way is just to be a drunk “WOOOO!” chick at a bar.