January 14, 2010

Avril Lavigne for Abbey Dawn

Here’s Avril Lavigne for her "Abbey Dawn" clothing line trying to live up to her "Punk Princess" status but looks more like those 14 year old hoes that skip class to be with some 20 year old welfare douchebag that loiters outside Eton Centre shopping mall downtown.

Unlike Avril who recently sent her husband to the curb, princesses don’t get divorces. Well, the ones in Disney movies don’t. Then again Disney gives very unrealistic expectations of love and men in general. Most men won’t even clean up their mess or dedicate 2 hours of their life to watch a chick flick with you, let along expecting them to slay a fire breathing dragon to save your @ss.

Hence I’m planning to get eloped in Vegas by an Elvis Priest to keep it simple. Low expectations lead to many pleasant surprises I tell ya.


  1. An Elvis Priest. I'd like to see that. ;) And for once, I'd love to see Avril look more glam. I am so over this look.

  2. LOL! yeah! low expectations will definitely lead you to surprises! no doubt!

    man girl... you're like hating on men at the moment. well, i don't blame you. they can be pathetic and low sometimes.

    can't live with them can't live without them.

    and avril... looks so bad ass in pictures... i wonder if she really is. hah...

    also, thank you for the comment... i get what you were saying about jess simpson. man... i really wish there was a really nice guy out there. it's possible but RARE.

  3. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Avril...


  4. Despite Avril's um... angst, I still love her. I love her confidence!

  5. Dragon slaying is not in the boyfriend description, even though it would be awesome if they did it!

  6. I like this look, but I don't buy it from her any more. When she came out, she was real and anti establishment and now she's just a pop princess. Kinda sad. She used to be a real fresh face in the pop industry and now she's just same as all the rest. I still like some of her songs, though :)

    My 2c, hohoho. :P

  7. i thought she would grow out of her princess punk phase.

    i agree vegas weddings.

  8. hmm i dont think i like the outfits at all

  9. lol I think she's beautiful and i'd probably get the horned hoodie =D

  10. i love the outfits - except the tutu she's got on LOL jk i don't like that poofy dress b/c i would not want to be CAUGHT wearing that thing in public!!!! Oh i also think there are very rare cases of men who actually do live up to the "prince charming" from disney movies...like my hubby. hehehe he for sure loves me and adores me. i'm his princess and he'll do everything for me...BUT...he's also very lucky to have me b/c i hate shopping, i don't watch chick flicks (very rare that i do), and i'm pretty low maintenance. hehehe but he does a lot for me. so there are a lot of jerks out there, but there are some great guys out there too.

  11. ARGH! also forgot to say THANK YOU for the well wishes for my baby! ^_^

  12. use to love her music bought her cd and everything but she got weird and boring idk lol@ the 14 yr old hoes and the disney love ;)

  13. avril who? lol she was so yesterday!!

    yeah i really want to get those really cute and long japanese wigs, but then i remember how itchy wigs were when i use to wear them during halloween so not sure how long i can stand them before i yank it off!

  14. LOL! Amusing as usual :) What's your take on the Tila/Casey deal?

  15. avril lavigne... wow... she's not even famous here in the Netherlands anymore, I don't think my cousins know who she is!


  16. Avril who?...haha....she should just change her act...

  17. She did some Ford modeling for a couple years I remember. She actually looked good....but maybe they kicked her to the curb so that's why she's back to the 14 year old hoe look LOL.

  18. Yeah seriously, she looks like those 14 year old punks who are trying to act older & tough =p

    definitely doesn't pass as a "princess"

    her popularity has gone down so much lately, haha.

  19. Disney men are hardly a realistic guide for the real thing huh! But I have to say the "Prince" in the new Disney Princess & the Frog movie is a total crack up- he is sleazy, lazy, arrogant and more... yet the princess STILL falls in love with him (although it does take a little longer than usual!!!) Good to see a diff stereotype though :P

  20. Lol ew. The only thing I like about her is her hair ^^; I feel you on the Disney stereotypes.. *sigh* XD

  21. Haha I'm sure Avril is targeting this look for the 14 yr olds who still care about her, hence trying to look 14 herself. People her age obviously don't take her seriously.

  22. Oh eww, this looks like those stupid kids back in HS who only shopped at West49.

  23. avril is very unique . i find her different than other hollywood stars, but i think her collection is still rather tacky.. but the tshirts are okay for me :D

    thanks for the warm comments as usual..
    have a great weekend ahead !

    visit, comment , follow me at .
    glisters and blisters :D

  24. ive always not liked her.
    emo kids look like they smell LOL
    andd it looks like hot topic had a baby lol

  25. ha ha :) i love ur plan.. and i hope it works out!!

  26. avril is one of the few chicks my hubby reckons pretty -.-" I prefer jessica alba hahaha..
    how are you julie darl, im baaaacckkk :D

  27. haha i feel like avril is stuck at age 16. and LOL low expectations definitely will lead to pleasant surprises haha.

  28. Umm... she looks exactly like she did when her career started. Didn't she have a moment where she actually tried looking like a girl? Has she regressed? It's not allright to look like this once you've come out of your teens. And I had no idea she got divorce, but then again, this doesn't surprise me considering how young they were.

  29. Hm.. she's not as hot now... boo...

    nice.. haha... i didn't know they had elvis priests :P (or you're being sarcastic n im very gullible)

  30. I didn't even know she got separated! Or that she has a clothing line, LOL.

  31. I'm so sick of this chick all ready..She came out how long ago and looks exactly the same now! It's not punk if you expect it everytime lol.

  32. OH! I think that's why I've been seeing her in the proactive commercials now :) She's trying to gain publicity for the clothing line! haha! The punk rock look was such a long time ago but I mean it comes and go and right now it's gone ^_^ I think the "EMO" / "SCENE" look is in right now apparently lol. I want a fat head (emo looking) hair cut! They get so much volume in their hair but then again I probably won't wanna style it lol :D

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