January 24, 2010

Lookbook: The Mist

These pictures remind me of that movie “The Mist”. Sadly it’s one of the most retarded movies I’ve seen. So this fog came over and there’s a bunch of monsters in the fog. So all these people got killed. Then the fog left. The end. Where did the fog come from? How do we prevent it? No idea. Nothing got resolved. Kind of like a bad porn. But at least it still gets your primal needs satisfied.

Speaking of which, do you guys find that in porn the girl is usually way hotter than the guy? I think it’s to give guys the fantasy that even if they’re ugly some hot chick with a huge rack would still do them.

That’s so sexist! They need to make a movie with a hot guy falling for an ugly horse-face hag with veins popping out of her arms and feet. Oh wait, isn't that that “Sex and the City”!?! Touché! Anyways, enjoy the photos!