January 4, 2010

Lookbook: My Casual Encounter

Over the next day or so I will be packing and ready to go back to being a working girl in Ottawa.

I've learned that parents are like taro bubble tea. The first bit tastes delicious but you get sick of it real fast. Then after not having it for a while you start to crave for it again. And I've had enough taro for now LOL

Anyways here is another series I did with Eric. This one is different than previous ones as this is more for fun than anything else. It’s also been a while since I’ve done an illustration since they take a LOT of time. But I sure do love doing them.

Photos by Eric Lee
Illustration, Make Up and Modelled by Pop Champagne

Backstage Photos

If you're wondering how this was done, the pictures from Eric’s orig camera was cropped to be a square. I wanted it to have an “album art” feel. Then I took photos of Domo propped up in various positions with my new Canon SLR (it was a Christmas present from myself to myself, lol).

The rest is through the magic of Photoshop with skills you learn from various art classes growing up :)

Hope you enjoyed this set!

Shout Out

My blog friend Sassy Jadore is having a grand opening for her online hair extension store! It's fantastic as I've always wanted to get some extensions to volumize my hair, if you are interested make sure you check it out here!