January 15, 2010

Lookbook Love: Eliza Dushku Looking Elegant

Here’s Eliza Dusku in MF magazine looking so glamorous. Holy crap she looks amazing. Normally she does these Maxim type shots and she just looks like another chick at the club you’d want to bang and then call a taxi to make sure she doesn’t stay the night but in these photos she look like someone you’d want to make love, cuddle and smell her hair afterwards.

Eliza should wave these shots infront of Megan Fox cuz even Emporio Armani can't make dumbass Megan Fox look anywhere as classy as this.

And yes, I’m as straight as the Trans Canada highway from Saskatchewan to Alberta. If you don’t know Canada it’s equivalent to Nevada’s Highway 50 in US. Though if Eliza drops by my place on a Friday night when I’m completely hammered I’m probably not gonna say no. Just saying.

Have a great weekend everyone!