January 15, 2010

Lookbook Love: Eliza Dushku Looking Elegant

Here’s Eliza Dusku in MF magazine looking so glamorous. Holy crap she looks amazing. Normally she does these Maxim type shots and she just looks like another chick at the club you’d want to bang and then call a taxi to make sure she doesn’t stay the night but in these photos she look like someone you’d want to make love, cuddle and smell her hair afterwards.

Eliza should wave these shots infront of Megan Fox cuz even Emporio Armani can't make dumbass Megan Fox look anywhere as classy as this.

And yes, I’m as straight as the Trans Canada highway from Saskatchewan to Alberta. If you don’t know Canada it’s equivalent to Nevada’s Highway 50 in US. Though if Eliza drops by my place on a Friday night when I’m completely hammered I’m probably not gonna say no. Just saying.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow Eliza sure looks so elegant and sophisticated.

    Now that you mention bout the making love , cuddle and smell the hair afterwards. That will be a very awesome,memorable,yummy experience especially if your with your twinsoul eh ^_^. Don't mind me girl, the hopeless romantic in me is acting up again ahaha ;)

  2. Very elegant...

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Three Birds Designs giveaway!♥

    Good luck!


  3. Wow she does look good here! You're right about the Maxim type shots she usually takes. Now all she needs to do is be in a GOOD tv show for once...

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Your comments are always great, lol... xD
    I love this post, she does really look so gorgeous and elegant. But the pictures wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for the comment, lol.

  5. wow she does look much better in glam than maxium. How shocking!

  6. Hahaha.. the comment about Megan Fox is funny :) If I sense right, U guess you're not really her fan :) I must admit she says the weirdest things, but I think that's just, because she want to provoke and be talked about. I like her.. but well, I'm a man, so please forgive me, hehe. And Eliza Dushku doesn't look so bad either here :)

  7. The dress she's wearing is gorgeous xD your songs are distracting meee lol i'm like humming along w/ them =P Have a great weekend to you too =D

  8. She looks so good!! I remember her from back in the day on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. As for Megan Fox, I can't stand her and how everyone thinks she's the hottest shit out there. There are so many others that look way better than her!! Have a nice weekend!! =)

  9. She does look really elegant right here.

  10. she looks amazingggg. ive loved her since bring it onn lol

  11. she does look gorgeous!
    don't you just wish us
    girls had an oppurtunity
    to get a photoshoot like

    but then again, i don't
    pull a super sophisticated
    photo like that. hahaha.
    im more of the funny girl.

    i think you can! ^_^

  12. Gorgeous pics. Love her.. She's wonderful.

  13. Lol I've told a few guys, after they asked if i was bi, "I'm completely straight but I will check out girls and say they're hot. I'm just jealous that's all :P"

    I liked her since I saw her in Bring It On Years back LOL Sse always had that wet look with the lip gloss in that movie, then I started doing that for a few weeks when I was in my Bring It On mode ;D hahaha

  14. I think "wow" just about pretty much sums up what I'm thinking right now.

  15. I'd pick Eliza over Megan anyday. Megan Fox is overrated.

  16. I am more interested in looking at Eliza's necklaces though haha~

  17. You know, I've always had a thing for Eliza Dushku, dating way back to the days of Buffy. That whole, I wearleather, I'm badass, I'm gonna shag u then pound a stake in ur heart just did it for me xD
    And am I the ONLY person in the world who watches Dollhouse and loves it?

  18. this is definitely a different look for her! I love her face and she does really pull off the high fashion couture look amazingly :)

    happy weekend!

  19. wow she looks so classy here, i love it!

  20. She looks so elegant here! I do like it when the girls you think of as basically Playboy girls show they've got proper class =)

  21. Your comment about Megan Fox: lol!!!

  22. Straight as the TransCanada from AB to SK!!! Eliza is complete gorgeous...better actress then MF too!

  23. Wowwwwww. She does look amazing here!

    & LOL. Dude. I wouldn't say no either.

  24. She looks elegant.

    I have never tried yves rocher products, the one daituf gave to me, will be my first. I have been looking for a good moisturizer, so how is their moisturizer?

  25. she looks mesmerizing and elegant here. funny how you can flaunt your body and get two totally opposite effects :D

  26. Wow she looks so beautiful here ! Thanks for sharing :)

  27. She looks stunning!
    Happy weekend, J!

  28. indeed, she looks amazing in these photos

  29. Wow she really does look stunning I love the effect used on these photos


  30. wow... she looks like a doll!!! I tagged you Julie! :)) http://bit.ly/6u8i4Z

  31. Woww, Eliza really do look different. Very gorgeous! OH yes, I agree that she should show those gorgeous pictures to Megan Fox. Definitely better and more realistic then Mfs!

  32. Your commentary makes me laugh lol.. Eliza looks amazing. tagged you in something btw :)

  33. she looks beautiful; i love the styling for this editorial!

  34. oh wow! thanks for sharing these photos... its great to see a celebrity in a shoot a bit out of their element.

    just started following your blog! i love your honesty...


  35. wow! she really looks so beautiful!!

  36. MAXIM?! She looks pretty sophisticated in these photos ^_^ I guess she's versatile enough to go from sleezy to sexy :D

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