January 1, 2010

Marc Jacobs: Genius is What Genius Does

First of all, happy new year! I want to give all my blogspot buds (you know who you are!) hugs and kisses and I hope everyone had a great NYE!

If you ever wonder the face of genius behind Louis Vuitton, one of my favourites of many over-priced luxury brands, well this is it.

Here is Marc Jacobs with his fiancée on their vacation acting like some underage slutty private school girls shopping in Wet Seal.

*glances at her LV, glances at the pictures, glances back at her LV*…. "huh!"

Meh. Whatever works. Being a slutty private school girl is making Marc Jacobs millions while I’m currently sitting here in my parent’s basement being pissed at Walmart about how they should really put all prescriptions into a paper bag after the lady threw 3 boxes of my birth control on the counter with my parents standing right beside me yesterday. Like Kym's BeeCreative shirt: "I live for awkard moments".

Photo Tag
I was tagged by lovely Edna in a photo tag!

The rules:
1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo & the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

And well here is my photo

Story behind it?
This was taken last week when I was bored out of my mind on my family trip so after the shower, I got in my PJs, started taking some pictures with my phone (that’s what I do when I’m bored, I’m as bad as Marc Jacobs above), and eventually got bored of that and went to bed.

So yeah. There you have it. One of the most boring story ever on Pop Champagne. But at least you got to see me without make up :P

Stay tuned till next time when I tell you the story about how I twiddled my thumb for a good 10 minutes while I wait at the dentist office.

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  1. Just LOL! and omg that must have been so awkward for you haha
    looking as pretty as always julie!
    happy new year ^_^

  2. haha marc jacobs is hilarious..but talented nonetheless!

  3. awww the Marc Jacobs photos are so cute!

  4. How can your posts ever get boring? Besides, the few times I've been here, I always saw beautiful pictures of you. That's enough to make me return, hehe ;)

  5. Damn, that's super awkward! I'd never go to Wal-mart with my parents anymore after that, lol. Your blog is never boring dear! I enjoy reading all your posts very much. Hope you had a great New years love!

  6. The photos made my stomach turn, LOL. I'm so slow with celebrity gossip. I don't even know how MJ looks =P

    And wow, that is really awkward. >_<
    & your posts are not boring, they're all very interesting

  7. LMAO u know what though? real talk... i'd parade around in speedos w/my lover too if i was making bank like him. go'head mister-thaaaaang!

  8. Aww Marc Jacobs is so cute!!
    Yeah....that Wal-Mart incident is super awkward! Well, now you know never to bring them when you gotta pick them up. XD
    Your blog is far from boring. I really enjoy it reading your posts. You have awesome humour!! :D
    Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating New Years!!

  9. OMG!!! i have to say this one just made me feel dirty!!!! lol just nasty feelin'!!! guys + speedos = NASTINESS!!! totally blind now! LOL ^_^

    Love the photo girl!!! beautiful!

  10. Happy New Years 2010 sweetie!!!

    Those photos are hilarious and your comments on them. hahah.

  11. Hey hun,

    I hope you got me e-mail as well. =)

  12. haha! That's so funny :P Look at them!!! :P

    ah... how awful.. they should have really put it in paper bags like everybody else does!!! grr...

    You look great without make-up by the way!!! <3

  13. oh gosh... that is REALLY awkward! i wonder what your parents were thinking about?! LOL!

    marc jacobs is gay!? O_O i didn't know that!? gees.. i need to get out more!

  14. Haha those photos are hilarious! Oh well, at least the guy is having fun. :P
    That photo of you is super cute. I hope you had an awesome NYE! xoxo

  15. HAHA those pix gave me some LOLs XP You look lovely with or without makeup ^__^ Happy new year love, stay gorgeous!

  16. happy new year!!!! marc jacobs is an interesting fellow... to say the least. lol.

  17. omg... >_< wow...LMAO

    im having my 1st giveaway, hope u can join! http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-1stnew-year-120followers-giveaway.html

  18. Hehe...looks like they are having a lot of fun. XD

    Cute tag :D You look gorgeous with or without makeup! Thanks for tagging me!

  19. LMAO
    awkward moment !!LOLLL
    geezz macr jacobs wud be reall hot if he wasnt gay.this is so gay !even i wudnt do such thing !LOL

  20. hey i just read ur comment !i think u wanted get sunTAN in exchange,sunburn isnt good
    well i spent my NYE partyin with my friend,at a club,not wearing my new shoes

  21. Birth control incident with your parents standin' right beside you ahaha, that must have been very awkward but I find it funny ahaha, sorry girl but it is really funny LOL ^_^

    YAY, for the tag !!! Tnx so much girl for noticing, appreciate it a lot. I will do this tag for sure, I'll inform you bout it hehe. ^_^

    Thanks again & have a happy 2010 ahead ^_^

  22. Marc Jacob handbags are AMAZING! I love them! He's working that Speedo-thing he's wearing, isn't he? Ha ha ha!

    So, I'm bummed... I can't do your tag until I get a new charger for my laptop! (All of our photos, with the exception of a couple that I saved online before my charger broke, are on there.) I'm using my husband's old work laptop in the interim, but I WILL do this tag! :)

    You aren't wearing make-up in your picture and you still look great! That's not fair! ;)


  23. Haha! That's why Marc Jacobs is gay! But I still love his handbags, and his clothes!

    I totally live for awkward moments, I can't help it but be awkward!

  24. Thank you for your support, I totally agree that some people don't deserve to have pets if they don't know how to care for them. You look great without makeup (jealous!) and that Walmart incident is awkward indeed, eeks. Nonetheless, have a wonderful Happy New Year!

  25. Hmm well I guess at least he has the body to pull of a speedo, whereas his bf doesn't! Argh omg that's uber embarassing. What a stupid Walmart ho haha

  26. LOL at Marc Jacobs! the pictures are hilarious. haha... wow, that's really awkward. I can't imagine if i were on your position :D and you still look great without makeup!

  27. Happy new year to you too! =D I first saw the pic and i thought GAY (i didn't know he was gay).. lol and then i read your post and im like ohh HIS FIANCE! lol Your picture is very cute and silly =]

  28. LMAO! i cant believe that's really them. it makes me wonder too

    and i cant believe you had to go thru that awkward moment -_-

  29. sugar cookies are delish!
    you look soo pretty with or without makeup girl!


    Happy New Year hon. =)

  31. That's you without makeup??? Dang...no fair... :P

  32. Wow those Marc Jacobs pics are funny ! Lol . The poses are just hilarious . Haha ! Thanks for sharing ! Ohh and thanks for the tag ! I've done it :D

  33. ha ha ha :) his photos are hilarious!!
    And you look good even without make up too...
    Happy new year Pop!! i wish you post more about Celeb's gossip :P

  34. wow you are beautiful and sexy visit to my house

  35. Beachy fun!
    Love your pic too!

    Happy 2010!


  36. blargh, I don't care what marc jacobs does in his spare time, as long as he keeps designing cool stuff... :P

    and I like your face without the makeup!


  37. Marc Jacobs is Amazing.. Happy New Year pretty


  38. Hey Julie! Hapy 2010! I nominated you for a blog award ^^ <3

  39. WHA HA HA HA! Gotta love Marc Jacobs!

  40. His love life is much better than mine, I so envy him..lol..

    That's such a lovely picture of u without makeup,thanks so much for the tag hun..

    Happy New year 2010..

  41. hahahha . hail to mr.jacobs !
    this is such a fun tag ! id love to do as well !

    your blog is a good source for inspiration .
    many thanks to the comment you left :D

    visit / comment / follow me .
    glisters and blisters

  42. haha i saw those pictures via perez hilton. marc jacobs is fabulous <3

  43. Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite as a designer! These pictures make me judge him a little bit more. (Did I say that aloud?)
    Anyway, nice tag..

  44. LOL!! Woow....never would have thought. lol. Marc Jacobs....lol.

    Cute pic! :)

    Haha that's definitely part of my resolution too! ;P Happy New Year! :)

  45. Lol, awkward moments - love it. Adore marc jacobs but never would have guessed this haha.


  47. the gay ones always make the best overpriced designer purses *sigh* You shouldn't be embarrassed about the birth control thing with your parents, I mean it's not like you're 16 or something and hanging out with those slutty girls at wet seal :P ahah!


  48. J, you kill me.I love that taking pics in the bathroom is the last thing you did before you went to bed that night ;)
    Marc is ridic. I love him. Oh and don't you love how he brought his Hermes Birkin to the beach?!?
    Hope your 2010 has been good to you so far!

  49. "acting like some underage slutty private school girls shopping in Wet Seal."

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH...best thing I've read all day!

  50. girl you look so pretty even without make up =)