January 28, 2010

Lance Bass looking like Fight Club

Here's Lance Bass, the pretty one in N'SYNC, being all tough and edgy, or pulling an Adam Lambert. I guess life after N'SYNC of being openly gay, playing dress up and dating models get boring after a while.

Adam Lambert is probably the coolest gay guy in Hollywood right now. But what makes him so edgy? Is it the black eyeliner that makes him look like a squinty Asian? Or dressing up in shiny things? Or kissing guys?

I've been wearing black eyeliner for years, I love dressing in shiny things, I kiss guys and I'm actually Asian, no one ever compliments my edgyness. Alright, since I don't have a song or a stage, I suppose I will simulate some oral sex moves here on Blogspot instead.... Get ready in 3, 2,...

Just kidding! Ugh, I wouldn't do that to you! But enjoy these pictures of Lance Bass. I do think he's got that Jared Leto hotness going on.