January 7, 2010

The Photoshop Award: Kim Kardashian

Here’s Kim Kardashian the other night looking like a zebra. Do you know that zebras have shiny coats that dissipate over 70% of body heat, and that some scientists believe the stripes help the animals withstand intense solar radiation? The use of black and white stripes is also a form of camouflage to confuse predators. These are real facts.

Well, stripes, dots, all the same. Whatever it is to convince Kim that she’s a size 2 or whatever she says she is.

Kim does have a nice face and a hot body. But what bothers me is that I really can’t associate the above picture with her most recent perfume ad below. Though we all know that Kim likes cocks, the perfume chick sitting in the middle of what looks like a fancy cock ring looks nothing at all like Kim.

But if they tell me that my ass will be bigger after spraying it with the "Voluptuous Fragrance" then damn it I’m sold!

If you’re interested in the ass enhancement spray it will be on sale in Sephora with prices ranging from $16 for a .33-oz to $65 for a 3.4-oz spray. Cock ring sold separately.

FYI I'll be spending the rest of the day and tomorrow unpacking/sleeping to get over jet leg. So replies may be delayed. If I don't talk to you soon have a great weekend! Oh and take a listen to Owl City's new song "Vanilla Twilight" on my mixpod, I'm so in love with it! :D