January 18, 2010

A Piece of Me - January 2010

No "Look Book" this week but here's something I put together over the weekend of the people I work/worked with for the fun of it. Varying things up a bit. "Hollywood Squares" Edition.

Here's the game from Tooth Fairy...

Month of JANUARY

I like:
Sitting at home in my bath robe being warm and watching TV with Turbo running around the living room while it’s freezing and snowing outside. And of course my blog ladies!

I don’t like:
People who microwave fish in the kitchen at work and people who make a mess in the microwave in general. Frick your mother is not at work so learn to clean up after yourselves.

I want you to know:
They don’t call British Columbia “Beautiful British Columbia” for no reason! Check out these photos I took on the plane flying over BC. I miss the smell of the ocean.

I’ve planned:
To control my temper better when I menstrate. Haha.

I want to say to someone special:
I hate school. I think I’ve done enough with my brain in University that it’s time for me to coast with my looks and actually enjoy things in life. In fact, this is one of the only pictures I can find of me voluntary reading a book that is not a textbook. And I was 3 in the picture.


  1. Ugh, good luck training the kid.
    People actually microwave FISH at your work?! I'm so sorry. The smell must be horrific. Lol. Sheesh.
    On a happier note, those photos are GORGEOUS. British Columbia is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world. :)

  2. awwww little julie is so pretty!lol
    btw u shud try applying the eyeshadow wet,i read the review from this blogger and it looks uh-mazinggg

  3. Haha that's a cute pic you put together. :)
    I keep hearing how beautiful BC is!!! It's one of the places on my "must visit" list.
    I so know what you mean about school. We go to school for 20 years!!!!! (For majority of people) That's a long ass time lol. One of the things I'm looking forward to is graduating in June!! Finally I'll be done school...but I (might) go back....lol I can never escape haha!!

  4. P.S. Awwww you're so cute in the pic!!!!!! :)

  5. lol reminds me of when my sis lived in the dorms, she's microwave some spicy garlicy delicious salmon but her suite mates went psycho that they could smell it.

    awwww u looked so adorable at 3, lol & i hate school too

  6. Eek- they really should promote you at work if they're giving you the extra responsibility!

    That Hollywood Squares photo is hilarious

  7. I love the Hollywood squares photo! :D
    And damn, I hate school too. How I wish I could just graduate now and enjoy my life. Lol.

  8. Lol, good luck with the babysitting!personally I lose my patience way too quickly to train..slower..people xD
    With regards to the staying power of Body Shop blushes, they (surprisingly) last throughout the day, until I take my makeup off at night! With my MAC blushes, I feel I have to touch up at least once during the day.
    3 items for $30?pssht!wait til they're 3 for $15!

  9. Were you menstruating, when they made the mess with the microwave? :P Maybe that's why they annoyed you even more :P

  10. the little you is soooo adorable. lovely blog!!!!


  11. awwwwwwwwwww, that is the cutest picture!!!! Your hair is naturally curly???
    Very funny post... The people u work with look fun...

  12. I feel you, my last intern was kind of lazy, driving me nuts at times, I'm glad I don't have to tutor for a while now!

    I need to control my temper during that time of the month as well, sometimes, it just escalate... :P


  13. U are an adorable as always! :-)

    P.S.: Please don't forget to join for my newer give-away!

  14. Love this post, darling!
    Your "don't like" is hysterical!!


  15. I know someone who already aquired 2 phds and is still going back to school to study some. That person has never had a real job :/

    I may only know you in the blog world but you deserve to have fun. YOu have a career, a new car and a home so have fun!!

    By the way, I dont know who Chelsea is :/ im gonna google her lol.

  16. Love the pictures from the plane. :)

  17. I tagged you in my recent blog, because I know you love to take photos =P

  18. haha that pic of you so reminds me of Victoria back in the day! Yeah, I always miss how beautiful BC is too whenever I travel away - we miss you guys too!!

  19. hahaha that guy sounds like a total jerk... im not even sure he should be allowed to work with you if he doesn't take the job seriously.

    and it's okay to take some time off of blogger. sometimes, it hurts my eyes to stay on the computer a little too long O_o

    british columbia is definitely beautiful. i wish to go there someday. and i get what you mean... about the crankiness! gosh... i told myself that i wasn't going to make big decisions when im on my period... last time i did... i regretted it so badly. i still do actually :/

    also, thank you for the comment! i can't eat a bag of popcorn but i can eat lots and lots of chocolate! wait.. i think im worse! lol. oh boy...

  20. Ohmigosh I could not agree more about the fish in the microwave thing! Where I used to work people would start microwaving fish early in the morning - it was horrible! :)

  21. Love the weather of staying home all cuddly in bed.. HAHA.. Hope you enjoyed it.. By the way, love these photos! Talent talent of course.. Have an amazing week! Don't work too hard. HAHHA. Get some relaxation in..

  22. I like your "plan" lol i should have something like that too lol

  23. haha! I like your plan! :P
    aww, that picture of you is so adorable! <3 Look at your cheeks!!! too cute!!! <3

    How long did it take you to put that picture together? :)

  24. you were sooo cute when you were little. :P

    i nominated you for an award on my blog

  25. you need to get those whipping rope to teach that guy a lesson! *WAAAPPHISSSH* that should turn him into a wimping puppy. lol! awwww u look adorable when u were a kiddo!

  26. why don't you have a chat box thing!? :o lol.

    boooo for your friend for going on vacation haha. go sit on a bike and read a magazine lol. it's funny how many people do that.
    luckily, i have two people to go with :o so if one's gone..i still have another! haha. =]

  27. I have a friend who microwaves fish at work & even ate a huge fish eye infront of her coworkers & they were like all grossed out...but she doesn't care at all....I would love to visit BC, I have a friend who's inviting us for the winter olympics but we just can't hubby's work & all...

    & me too I used to like some of avril songs..

  28. I know what you mean about being involved in the hiring process... My boss hired two girls for me to "train" but one's controlling even though she really has nothing to control because she doesn't know anything yet and the other is slow and boring. Awesome. now i have to work with them!!


  29. Sometimes I wonder how incompetent people get hired for co-op jobs. Honestly interviews hardly give you an accurate picture of who someone really is. I hope you have some fun with him though! Be sure to give him a super hard time, haha.

    & microwaving fish in the office microwave is the worst. We used to keep a can of febreeze at work just for that reason!

  30. wow i think i can sense your annoyance toward training the kid, well goodluck with that, :D it'll be done before you know it (i hope) hehehe..

    anyways a newbie to your blog & im simply adoring it. :D so ive added you on my blogroll. Keep it up! :D

  31. cute pic of your coworkers & british columbia is beautiful!

  32. My temper skyrockets when it's THE time of the month haha~

    Baby Julie is oh so adorableee! *pinches cheeks*

  33. hehe that picture of you is cute!

  34. Ugh, training people at work is SO annoying. I've also had to do this with interns who all seem to lack the most basic skills (i.e. typing stuff into a document). I agree about your hiring process... haha... or they should at least have some kind of talent, like singing your favorite tunes or dancing to entertain you.

    Love that Hollywood Squares photo! But nothing beats that pic of you as a child... soooo cute!!!

  35. lol its so cute how you did this.

    lmao i have the same temper problem

  36. Omg, you were adorable...aw! *^_^* Hehe...love your version of "Hollywood Squares".

  37. haha oh my I think I would have a tough time being hired by you :P your trainee sounds a bit of a pain though.. your kiddy pic is adorable! your cheeks look irresistible to poke..

  38. Ahaha you are sooo funny girl and a pretty one too ^_^ I absolutely love your PIECE OF ME in January entries, soooo cute and funny, hilarious even tsk tsk.

    Your childhood pic is sooo cute. And about you focusing on your looks and enjoying the things in life. Go girl, follow your heart , whatever makes you happy ^_^

  39. Julie! I googled Chelsea and I know her!! She was the girl from that one girl group reality show, which my roommates and i watched all the time back in college. The weird thing is my old roommate used to bug me to get bangs just like her lol. so weird lol.

    but yeah, in a way its good that your parents pushed you to do wel in school coz now you are doing so well at a very young age and you dont see that all the time :)

  40. Haha i know what you mean with the whole training the new people lol When we get new cashiers they'll let people who worked there longer to train them.. Sometimes they'll be one of those people that listen and not mess around but you also sometimes get the ones that's like really weird lols

  41. I keep forgetting to put the Yves Rocher Lipo Phenol body refining exfoliate into the bath tub, so I can test out a fatty area of myself. I will put it into the bathtub caddy, as I type now and I'll let you know the results =P

  42. Ahhhh Calgary is great...it's no Ottawa..but u know... we get by!
    Actually the shopping isn't too bad..we have a brand spankin' new Holt Renfrew that just opened downtown replacing the older one. And the malls are pretty fantastic (new, big, have everything) You should check out "Chinook Centre" or "Market Mall"... there's some good shopping and cool finds on 17th Ave SW too...
    As for the weather, it's pretty warm here right now ( +6 today thanks to the warm Chinook winds coming over the mountains). By April it will still be cooler out, and honestly kinda dirty and dry post-winter (spring arrives VERY late here...like not until late May. PLEASE don't judge by how dead/dirty/leaf-less everything is...honestly it's a purty city in the summer!

  43. hello julie !!!how are you? this is a cute contest..I think everyone hates school lol but there are certain moments that I'm jealous to those lucky people who studies in expensive reputable schools LOL ..andddddddd OMG you were so cute when you were little ... of course until now you're cute! lol :P

  44. Dude sounds like a dud. It's bad but I have no patience for people who come into work but don't actually care about being there.
    LOL, anger management when Aunt Flo is in town - oooh, that's a hard one.
    BC is breathtaking!!!
    And I love that pic. You were cute from day 1 :)

  45. I hate dudes like that! They still think they're in high school or something.. -_-" but I love your rollers in your hollywood squares edition ^_^ and I need to control my menstrual temper! :X

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