February 11, 2010

B-Liv Celebrating Happy S.A.D (Single Available Day)

B-Liv is having a blogging contest celebrating “Happy S.A.D (Single Available Day)” here. I’ve done a review on their products a while ago and I’m still happily using them.

Here are some pictures of Bar Refaeli for 2010 Sports Illustrated Mag. All I know about this girl is that she’s hot, she’s from Israel and she’s dating Leonardo Dicaprio. Honestly I don’t care much for Bar but since Miranda Kerr isn’t writing me back... I take what I can get.

What does it have to do with Happy S.A.D? A lot of guys would be very Happy, if she was Single, and Available for a Day or two. Leo seems to have no problem finding supermodels to date anyways. He's got some sort of supermodel puppy mill coming out of his ass. Cuz honestly, he won't even look at you if you haven't been featured in some sort of magazine that teenage boys would jerk off to. So have your comp card ready if you ever meet the guy.

Now I know what it feels like to be that dude in the corner checking out girls on the dance floor whom he will never has a chance with. But when people think you're already creepy you can pretty much get away with doing anything perverted. Now that's some good news to some happy SAD people!