February 1, 2010

Emma Watson's with People Tree Clothing Line

Emma Watson recently released a clothing line with People Tree for some fair trade eco friendly action.

Instead of going hip and trendy, Emma went with making stable items that can be found in any menopausal woman’s closet. Or my sunday morning hangover/grocery store run ensemble (though I don't look as good). It's a safe bet cuz after all, how can you judge an ability of a fashion designer if all they make are plain shirts or any other casual lounge wear?

Don't get me wrong. Emma is adorable and I love Harry Potter! So let me introduce her clothing line again:

“This plain grey sweater and woven skirt is a great combination. It brings the mix of casual elegance with a taste of the era of Romantic Music describing the expansion of formal structures within a composition making the piece more expressive hence relating to the artist, like Emma, herself.”

Currently Emma's line is available in UK and Japan and don’t expect it to hit US any time soon. But that's okay. We have plenty of Gap , Old Navy, and American Eagle stores around here as is.