February 26, 2010

Flat Champagne: Anne Hathaway and her Weirdo Boobs

One of the more common debate between Anthony and I is the hotness of Anne Hathaway. I think she’s as pale as a leukemia patient with a clown face and caterpillar eyebrows but Anthony seems think that sort of freaky sh*t is a turn on. *Shrugs*

Though Anthony and I can both agree that Anne has a great body. But here in these pictures she is literally a “flat Champagne” with her weird deflated boobs. Finding clevage in the dress is like those crappy illusion pictures where you’d expect to see something after starring at it for a minute but then nope, nothing. Hey, all I’m saying is if Paris Hilton can inflate her boobs by 2 cups I’m sure Anne can do something as well.

Someone needs to introduce Anne a VS wonder bra and then bust out some champagne, beer and cigar on the spot afterwards. It’s a tip on “How To Be Modest and Classy” directly from the Canadian Women Hockey team after getting their gold last night.