February 23, 2010

Hilary Duff is Engaged and Grateful

One of my favs Hilary Duff and her long time NHL boyfriend Mike Comrie (plays for Edmonton Oilers, used to play for the Sens) recently got engaged.

Comrie got Hilary a whopping $1 million dollar engagement ring. Most women after they got proposed puts on the ring, squeels/cries and then hugs their future husband. But not Hilary. This girl got on her knees and gave her boyfriend a what looks like a blowjob. Now that's some gratitude.

In Hilary's defense, she has to check that Mike doesn't have crabs before devoting the rest of her life to him. I'm not sure what Mike Comrie's upbringing is but I can tell you that hockey boys were always the dirty neanderthals back in my highschool.

Does that mean Hilary Duff is moving to Edmonton? F-ck, sucks to be her!!

Speaking of Hockey, Canada is playing against Germany tonight and they fired Brodeur and hired my man Luongo as the golie for the game. With hottie Sidney Crosby and my fav Roberto Luongo on ice, it's going to be a great night.