February 16, 2010

Paris Hilton's Magical Boobs

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s weekend. I haven’t blogged as much lately due to work, but dont' worry, I’ve been preparing for my very interesting post coming up really soon… So stay tuned!

So instead of blogging about all the Duh McDuh stuff like Nicole Richie and Joel Madden got engaged and how the dwarf who cries wolf Tila Tequila lost her baby after bumping her head ("huh?" ya exactly)… I decide to blog about Paris Hilton’s magical boobies.

So here’s Paris Hilton in Brazil currently doing stuff for some beer company. There are few things I often ponder. Like where do gerbils come from? They’re stupid with bad eye site and can’t run very fast, so how do they even exist? And how do you become a hot air balloon pilot? And how Paris goes from A to a C cup like that?

Gosh damnit I need to know this woman’s secret.