February 8, 2010

Product Review: Miss Rose Lasting Gloss Wet Eye Shadow

I hope everyone had a good Superbowl weekend. Congrats to New Orleans Saints for winning, as much as I hate how Kim Kardashian is whoring herself out to the media about how she proud she is of her boyfriend Reggie Bush, that was a great interception/comeback from Tracy Porter near the end.

Anyways, here are some pictures I did over the weekend, blogger Vanilla from lemonadeCandy was so sweet to send me the Miss Rose Lasting Gloss Wet Eye Shadow, thanks so much hun! I love these eye shadows, they are nicely pigmented with a tinge of shimmer. The eyeshadows are also very easy to blend and they do last a while before fading.

So here is my “Valentines’ Look” I did with these eye shadows. Call my a corporate consumer whore but I do like chocolate, pink, and Valentine's Day clearance sale on Feb 15th ;)

Here's some pictures of the Eyeshadow palette. I love the selection of these colors.

The accessories that I’m wearing in the photos are new "Alice In Wonderland" items from Glam Sparkle and Pop. Go there and check it out!