March 15, 2010

Joe Jonas' New Date To Church

Rumor has been confirmed that Joe Jonas is currently dating Demi Lovato, adding to his resume of Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle. Disney is really "eHarmony" for underage in disguise. Fuk, why did I let my parent sent me to math camp instead?!

Joe Jonas is a John Mayer Jr in disguise. But unlike John Mayer, Instead of sticking his pee pee in their hoo hoos he takes his b*tches to church and gives them a facial when they’re on their knees… with holy water. Gosh, get your mind out of the gutter, the guy has a purity ring!

Purity ring or no purity ring, we can conclude that Demi Lovato did quite well for herself. keep in mind that below is who she used to date. That nose and chin job she got sure paid off!