March 8, 2010

Lookbook Love: Kirsten Dunst with her Signature Look

This month V magazine got Kirsten Dunst to be on the cover. Other than playing Mary Jane Watson in Spider Man I’m not sure what she’s up to these days. I have been told that being in rehab takes up a lot of your time with all the crying and going to meetings then crying after? I dunno, that sounds like me everyday at work, yet I still have time to blog...

Anyways in these photos Kirsten still has that "I'm f-cking bored and this is so lame" look like she does in her films. But, she was fantastic in “Interview with the Vampire”, and I do think she has her spur of cute moments. But not cute enough all around that I would still be offended if I see her beating up a homeless man on the street. That’s how I rate “cuteness” in a girl by the way.