March 12, 2010

Michelle Branch in Inked Magazine

I was searching for a breath taking beauty to blog about and to take away my attention of Turbo pissing all over his cage and eating his own fecal waste. My prayers got answered.

Once upon a time Michelle Branch was famous for her chick rock song “Everywhere” in American Pie and her persistency to not be a sex symbol. Then she did a sexy spread in Maxim cuz Madonna told her to do so, pissed off the public by PMSsing all over legendary Santana and their duet “The Game Of Love”.

Anyways if you're wondering what she's up to now, she got a bunch of tramp stamps, and looks like a cheap hooker who got t-bagged too many times in Motel 6. Inked Magazine have such refined beauties.

Sigh, if only life of blogging was that eventful. Don’t forget my Rockstar Contest and happy Friday!