March 17, 2010

Product Review: F-Cup Cookies

Like most females I would love to have bigger boobs. Well a while back when I was doing some online shopping at Sasa I came across these “F Cup Cookies” beauty supplement from Japan that claims to enhance your boob size.

Hey, if guys take protein bars to enhance their muscles so why can’t girls take protein bars to enhance their chest?!

The claim for these cookies is that it enhances your boobs in 3 weeks. The instruction tells you to eat 1-2 per day. A box comes with 14 cookies so it costs around $50CDN with shipping per month for these cookies. But hey if they work why not right?! If it works it’s better than getting plastic surgery.

From their website:

"Each F cup cookie contains 50 mg of herbal breast enhencer Pueraria Mirifica. As the name implies, F-cup cookies will help you achiene larger breasts while you relax and enjoy a tasty, low calorie cookie. F cup size in Japan is like a DD cup size in US."

Well I bought 2 boxes to try out and I have been eating 1 per day. I have to say that the chocolate flavor cookies taste pretty good. Do they work? Well I’m down to my last few and I suppose that my boobs did get slightly bigger (not by much though), but it definitely didn’t gain a cup size.

What I also noticed is that there are more pimples on my face. I guess the cookies play with your hormones so I’m really not surprised that I am getting small pimples from them.

So if you are prone to pimples and you break out easily I would highly recommend you to stay away from these cookies.

Personally, I probably won’t buy them again. I’d much rather have clear skin than tiny bit bigger boobs. You can stuff your boobs 1 cup bigger easier than covering up pimples with make up.

What have I learned from this? If it sounds too good to be true than it most likely is.

P.S I apologize for being late with comments, lately work has been really really hectic -_- but I will catch up soon!