April 6, 2010

Flat Champagne: Mischa Barton's Gravitational Ass & Contest Winners

Do you know that eating your boogers make you gain weight? The ever-so-fashionable Mischa Barton was caught finger banging her nose holes, me guess is since she's running out of money, she has resolved in eating her own boogers. I mean, look at her ass! Sure, there were sightings of Mischa puking outside a club in Hollywood but obviously she didn't vomit enough...

I’m so glad that Mischa feels comfortable enough that we are getting to know her like this. Next photos we see of her will be her in a Bambi pose trying to take a leak in an alley. And really, why would you vomit outside the club? You paid to get in and sometimes you even have to line up. You might as well puke on a hot guy to make a lasting impression, I hear that’s the best pick up line out there.

Contest Winners

And as for the Rockstar contest winners, first place goes to Nikki as Raquel Reed and second goes to Jaquilly as Lady Gaga. Thanks to everyone who entered, I honestly had a hard timg picking winners as I think they are all wonderful. In exchange I’m offering 20% discount on an order at Glam, Sparkle and Pop for everyone who participated as my gratitude, thank you for your support! (When you place your order just let me know your entry number)