April 15, 2010


(Nooo, this post is not about the predator Charlie Sheen). When I first moved to Canada I was a huge fan of Arnold “The Governer” Schwarzenegger’s action movies. I didn’t speak a word of English but considering his movie plots are all basically “an obese gorilla is trying to kill something a machine gun” it didn’t take me long to catch on what is going on.

So for all the "Predator" fans out there, though Arnold won't be in it, the sequel “Predators” is coming out in July and the trailer is out! The movie consists of a group of people trapped on the predator planet. Anyways, what I don’t understand is that Arnold could barely take 1 predator in the first movie, and we’re expecting The Pianist (Adrien Brody), Eric from “That 70’s Show” (Topher Grace) and a CSI Vegas Forensics (Laurence Fishburne) to take on a planet of Predators? But hey if a maid in Manhattan can attact a rich hot dude I suppose anything can happen.