May 18, 2010

Blake Lively is a Bikini Hottie in Vogue

So I was going to blog about Miss Lebanese stripper USA but is anyone really surprised by this since miss anti homo Carrie Prejean was caught with a bunch of videos of her touching herself? Instead just enjoy these pictures of Blake Lively. Blonde bombshell in surfing outfit, I love the California feel of these pictures.

Speaking of Blake did anyone watch the Gossip Girl season finale last night? It’s true that Taylor Momsen is taking some time touring with her band, hence she will be absent in the next season, but do they have to make Jenny into such a idiotic b*tch? Dan is just a bad, bad friend to Nate. Serena was extra slutty. Georgina was just a nuisance and didn’t need to be there. What do you think of it?