May 14, 2010

Lookbook: For The Love of Red

The red isn’t due to the Celebration that Montreal Canadians beating out Pittsburgh Penguins in NHL and that they are the last Canadian team in the playoff. I mean, that’s nice that Les Habitants won, but I just love red. Why are people so surprised at the riot in Montreal when they won? Technically French Canadians has been rioting ever since British won the war. And they’re pretty successful at it I think with the whole having the rest of the country learning their language thing going on.

Anyways back to red. You can always count on standing out when you wear red. Red is flashy. Sports cars are often red. Really, you don't need to be a blonde bombshell to make heads turn if you got that sexy little red dress on.

Btw just kidding around, I got nothing against learning French or having French on my cereal boxes. Being a bilingual is quite neat. Have a great weekend!