May 17, 2010

Christina Aguilera on Latina Magazine

Here’s Christina Aguilera on the cover of Latina Magazine, with a caption next to her saying “The Best Latin Music You Don’t Know” and “Why Latino Geeks Are So Much Better In Bed”. Well her dad is from Ecuador so I suppose that’s enough to be on the cover of Latina, but are they referring to her as a Latino geek? Or her very “Latin music”? *Shrugs* I guess I haven't been "soulful" enough to notice the Latino part in her new song "... If you don't like it f-ck you".

Anyhow, Christina is looking pretty good in these pictures. I do love that she has dropped that retro crap, got with the times, and back to being dirty again. The dirty look is always timeless. I mean, do you know of any stripper outfit that has gone out of trend? I don’t think so.