May 20, 2010

Megan Fox: Dumped by Robots for Transformers 3

Megan Fox recently got the pink slip for Transformers 3. I guess calling your director “Hitler” will get you fired (*note to self...*). So today somewhere in Hollywood you may find Megan crying her eyes out while getting a manicure for that freakish thumb of hers. Oh noes, how is she going to afford her thumb surgery now?!

Unlike the majority that are happy with Megan getting dumped, I myself, am a little sad that we won’t hear as much news of Megan and her profound words that make us go “… huh?”. You don’t need to spend money on pot when reading Megan’s incoherent babbles gets you the same high.

In Megan’s defense, it was her decision to leave the movie. Megan says she is a serious actress. She wants people to take her seriously. Meanwhile she’s in these movies about talking robots. But hey, it takes a very serious actress to stand in front of a green screen looking hot and scared all the time.