May 7, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger Going Blonde

Nicole Schersdfdsfds is one of those celebrities that is pretty but ever so often she has her outbreaking "awww" moments that make you love her a tad bit more. If you follow “Dancing with the Stars” you probably think that she has a sweet personality unlike others on the show.

Nicole is known for her signature long dark hair that every dark hair girl envies but here in these pictures she dyed them blonde. And she is not wearing as much make up. Or maybe she is. What’s with the fascination with seeing people/celebs without their make up? For me, I don’t look as nicely done up (but who does?) but I don’t look like a troll without either. I don't care if you put make up on, or too much make up. Cuz it’s not I'm going to sleep with you and I have to bare seeing you the next day without make up.

Frig. If you look good with make up then you look good. You know what’s worst? When you put on make up AND you still look fug. Then you might as well live in a bell tower, get some gargoyle friends and fantasize about humping a gypsy.