May 6, 2010

TilaTequilaOmg Is Literally Omg.

Tila Tequila recently launched her new celebrity gossip blog which according to her will be the #1 gossip site in the world because she knows sooo much dirt about everyone in Hollywood! She has inside sources and she can’t wait to reveal all the dirt! (hint: one of her resources is my neighbor’s cat with a brain tumor).

There is a reason people think Tila is a train wreck. For one thing she refers to herself as a MILF due to her fake pregnancy and with sensual posts such as “Let’s All Forgive Chris Brown Today!” and posting pictures of her taking off her panties in the bathroom … What a classy lady.

Tila Honey, if you are going to post pictures of you unedited (as you claim), please be a little more professional and remove all your prescriptions and genital creams on the counter before you take the picture. I’m getting itchy just by looking at this.