May 10, 2010

Lookbook Love: Vanessa Paradis for Chanel Cocoon Collection

The Chanel spring 2010 campaign is here and Vanessa Paradis is the new face for the latest Cocoon collection. Here are the pictures. Elegant, soft, and beautiful. Oh and of course the purses are to die for- classy, timeless, and reversible (2 for the price of 1!). Not to mention with these you can dress up or down and still look like a million bucks with these puffy leather. I want!

Vanessa does look quite feminine and cozy in these photos. Word has it that Johnny Depp will finally marry Vanessa after knocking her up twice. That’s great news for Johnny. With Vanessa by his side, he will never be short of a bottle opener with her beaver teeth that can build a dam anytime. In normal people like our standard her teeth are kind of gross. But since she's a celebrity and celebs are "better than us", her teeth makes her unique and edgy. What do I know, I ain't Karl Lagerfeld *shrugs*. So go Vanessa!