June 3, 2010

Angie's Models & Talent International 2010 Gala Show Case

Over the weekend I had the privilege of attending Angie’s Models & Talent International 2010 Gala Show Case. Angie’s Models is one of the biggest modeling agency here in Ottawa. She discovered The Notebook hottie Ryan Gosling when he was 14 living in Cornwall, a small town about 2 hours from Ottawa.

The show was at the Canadian War Museum (explaining why there are tanks in the background) and consisted of various merchants and designers. There were showcases from companies such as Gap kids, The Bay, Bluenotes to independent designers. All the collections from designers were wonderful and unique. But some of the collections that caught my eyes were Amber Watkins, Demu Label, Jefferson Sukhoo, Rachel Sin, and Anastasia Lomonova. Overall, the main purpose of the show is to showcase the models to local and international scouts. So of course, all the models looked great and overall Angie definitely put on an amazing show.