June 22, 2010

Eizo's X-Ray Supermodel Pin-Up Calendar

Eizo, a medical imaging equipment manufacturer, has come up with a new calendar to promote their product. But instead of just having regular pin up ladies, Eizo created an x-rayed version of it.

This definitely takes nudity to a whole new level. Actually, this calendar reminds me of the Nine Inch Nail song "Closer" where the lyrics go "I wanna f*ck you like an animal, I wanna feel you from the inside". I’ve always thought it’s a hot song, but as it turns out someone's inside really isn't all that hot... But it's definitely kind of cool.

Somewhere in JLo's house the walking skeleton Marc Anthony is busy jizzing all over these pictures. Finally people (or the lack there of) who he can physically relate to! JLo really needs to get her big ass down to Mc Donalds and get Marc a few Mc Gangbangs. If you don't know what a Mc Gangbang is, ask for one next time you go to Mc Donalds. But make sure you say the Mc Gangbang SANDWICH, or else don't blame me if you're walking funny the next day.

So does this make you want to become an x-ray technician and operate one of these fun toys? Or be behind one? Who knows, perhaps Marc Anthony will be knocking on your door later...