June 8, 2010

For Everything Else There's Twilight Mastercard

Because there is already a Twilight version of everything, it makes sense that Twilight launched some pre-paid debit cards. It’s pre-paid because it’s obviously aiming at tweens who want it to match their Twilight backpacks and show it off during recess. Twilight has got other stuff like this for the older crowd.

For the designs of these cards, her majesty Kristen Stewart has put on her best rape face while Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are their usual sexy selves. If you haven’t heard, Kirsten recently compared being photographed everywhere she goes as “being raped” . Gosh, imagine how awkward it was at the manufacturing plant:

The manufacturer: “Hello Kirsten, nice to meet you, so for the mastercard I have to take some pict…..”

But Kirsten, don’t sweat about your picture on the card, it won't be yours that will be selling the most.