June 23, 2010

Kristen Stewart: Maybe She's Born With It

Kristen Stewart puts on her best rape face for the paparazzi, or her constipation face (whichever), for Twilight’s Eclipse promo in Sweden the other night. Even the shinnyness and the fine texture of the Oscar de la Renta dress can’t cover Kristen's "I need to poo poo in the bathroom" facial expression.

Would it kill Kristen to look more feminine and happy at a promo for her own movie? Christ, Taylor Lautner is way prettier than this chick. I know Twilight’s all about a hot rich vampire seeing the inner beauty of an ordinary girl. If I was a vampire and I have to spend eternity fooling around with this piece, I’d rather have a steak through my heart thank you.

Regardless I'm probably still going to go see Twilight this weekend. What about you?