June 15, 2010

Kylie Minogue looks Hot at 42

Kylie Minogue hasn't had a hit here in North America in years but she is still looking hot in the latest photoshoot for Blackbook Magazine. She is seen wearing the same Proenza Schouler sweater as Kristen Stewart during the Twilight: New Moon promotion tour but Kylie just looks so, much, hotter.

Perhaps the combination of the skirt pattern and mullet on Kristen reminds me of my grandma when she dresses up for her bingo games. I still stand by the fact that the only good accessory Kristen has ever put on herself is having Robert Pattinson around her arms.

Anyways, unlike the rest of us, Kylie just gets better with age. How can you look like that at the age of 42?! Anyways, I don't care the amount of surgery she’s had or whether she performs sacrificial ritual on baby lamb and drink their blood to replenish her youth, whatever works for her!