June 14, 2010

Megan Fox with a Cheap Lay for Interview Magazine

Megan Fox can still get a job after quitting Transformers. This is Megan looking like Nazi lover Bombshell McGee in some Prada, CK and Nina Ricci dry humping and making out with a mannequin that looks like herself for this month's Interview Magazine.

Besides the Nazi McGee haircut this time I think Megan is actually onto something. I mean, don’t tell me you're never a tad curious of what it’d be like to make out with yourself. Are you any good? Do you use too much or not enough tongue? This YouTube guy certainly wants to know.

Anyways given the amount of dumb things Megan has said in the past the real question is really which one of these Megans have a functional brain? The real Megan or the plastic Megan? That’s a hefty question.