June 28, 2010

MIA Goes Princess for GQ

MIA poses princess for GQ magazine. You might know MIA's song "Paper Planes" from Slumdog Millionaire. Or her song "Hit That" that Black Eye Pea's Fuggie Fug clearly ripped off for her hit single "London Bridge" in my opinion. I love MIA's songs, her funky style, and her spunky personality. Don’t piss her off because she’ll pms all over you. She has a pretty face and she’s so interesting that unlike most other ladies in the industry she doesn’t need to wear a bikini or dress like a freak for people to pay attention to her.

Not that there is anything wrong with hot girls that posing in lingerie for GQ, I’m a huge fan of pretty ladies. But blogging about celebrities you end up seeing so many bikini photos that you appreciate this nice change. It’s kind of like how a person wouldn’t want to do anything related to their work when they get home. Like how hookers are probably horrible lays in real life: “Honey, I’ve had sex all day and did freaky stuff you can only dream of doing to me. Can’t we just cuddle and watch a movie?” How dreadful!