June 7, 2010

Miley Cyrus is Edgy

So here’s Miley Cyrus wearing her Sunday’s best kissing her female dancer, again, after doing the exact same thing on Britain’s Got Talent the day before. That’s considered "edgy", everyone. Glad to see Miley taking following Britney Spears so closely. Next thing you know she’ll start saying things like “Hi ya’ll this is Miley fried chicken yum yum wearing bras no no!”

Honestly her song “Can’t Be Tamed” doesn’t make a lot of sense. Thinking back to most of the 18 year old girls in my high school I’m positive that it only required a pick up truck, dark alley behind McDonalds and a bottle of cider to tame the inside of their pants.

Me? I had an empire to build with my peons and orc trops in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and trust me, when I finally beat that game it felt a lot more victorious than getting my first high school boyfriend. Boourns on me.

Photos from Wenn.com

Giveaway Winners
I would like to announce the winner for the NYC Gossip Girl Tour giveaway hosted by screentours.com is Edna! And the winner for the Jewels of Denial giveaway is Irene, congrats ladies!