June 5, 2010

Starfish Event's Sex and The City Movie Soiree

Thursday was the Sex and the City Movie Soiree hosted by Starfish Event here in Ottawa. It was such a great girl’s night out as the event wasn’t just watching the movie by itself, but also included silent auctions, great appetizers and promos from merchants. Shout out to Hush Clothing! Needless to say, the soiree consisted about 100 beautifully dressed ladies and, 5 men.

Left: Sex and The City Cake! It was delicious too!
Right: Stella & Dot promotion

The movie itself was quite entertaining. I know I make fun of Sex and the City all the time like here and here because I’m not a fan of the show but I honestly enjoyed the movie. Sure, Carrie was her annoying self . She hated the way Mr.Big sits on their couch and propose take out instead dining with her in restaurants where a meal equals my weekly grocery bill and she hated how he got a 50” flat screen TV in the bedroom. Cuz that’s totally the end of the world *rolls eyes*. But Carrie's co stars were quite enjoyable to watch and some of the punch lines by Samantha and Charlotte were downright hilarious.

After party at the Arc Hotel

The after Party hosted at Arc hotel was also as entertaining as the movie. Designer Rachel Sin hosted a sample sale (which I loved her collection at Angie’s Model & Talent Gala, I couldn’t help but pick up a dress from her collection on the spot) and fun contests such as who has the best shoes and bags. Hey, giggle about the contest all you want but how often do you get praise for your attire from equally fashionable women instead of horny men trying to get your number?!? Overall, it was a great night for fashionistas around Ottawa to get together. Kudos to Starfish for putting on an amazing night!

Left: Photo with Rachel wearing one of her designs
Right: Photo by Bryan over at Jones Digital Solutions