June 12, 2010

West End Sale Event at The Bay

I was privileged to be invited to The Bay's West End Sale Event over the past week. It is an event of the men's collection sale which is funny because often enough I resort to going to The Bay whenever I don't know what to get a guy friend. They have a great selection of dress shirts, ties, colognes and watches for men.

For those that live in US, The Hudson Bay company "The Bay" is a cross between Bloomingdale and Macy's. They provide high end designer such as Rachel Roy and Sarah Jessica Parker's Halston Heritage line as well as affordable fashion lines such as Ralph Lauren.

The event consists of men dropping by, buying suits, having a drink at the bar while enjoying catering from the Arc Hotel and even getting a haircut on the spot. It serves almost as a "1 stop shop" for everything a guy needs to get freshen up to go out minus a shower. But it's okay if they stink, The Bay also offers Cologne you can spray on them and cover the smell- See, they thought of everything!