July 29, 2010

Angelina Jolie with Versace gown in Japan

Here are pictures of Angelina Jolie with a Versace gown at the "Salt" Premiere in Japan. I know they’re a bit late. Cuz at first glance they’re not even special enough to be posted (I’m more team Jennifer Aniston), but now looking at them, are those Japanese guys trying to see if those womens' vagina is calling out to them? Why is Angelina wearing WHITE panties under a black see-through dress? And is that a TAG hidden inside her dress?

I also leave clothes with tags on then return it after an event. But my version of “fancy” parties also involve not getting wasted in front of my bosses and not stuff myself with free catered food like a hungry Ethiopian kid. I'm pretty sure Angelina and her farm of kids would give me their "Aniston Stare Down" if we ever meet (and I'm sure that's one of the first things those kids learned from mommy). Anyways, too many question and not enough answers.